We've been using the Crescent for about a year now. We had enormous fun, the 1985 Suzuki engine ran like a sewing machine, we made some cushions for the bench in the back and with drinks and food we had the best time ever. There were some strange thing, like the steering, the 2 stupid navigation lights, the wrong way around and the curling of some parts of the deck. All to be changed, once it were to cold to go out for a spin.

From March 2014 on, we would repair the deck, do some work on the electrics and steering. Once started, the shit would really hit the fan! Just have a look.........

It was rotten to the bone. Ah, we'll get that right. I always win, in the end.

After a look under the paint, the only thing we could do,
was to take the whole deck off. and so we did. That was the easiest job so far!

Look at the big roll, used for the "wash line steering"

Most of the wood under the deck seemed solid, so we would leave that alone and do some adjustments only. Time to buy some 6 layer plywood.......................

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Kommentar av Micke Karlbom den 11 Maj 2014 kl. 9.47

The wooden boat hobby is always full of surprises =) 

Good luck with the deck. 


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