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My other hobbies

Just to give you an idea. I used to do a lot of historic rallying, Volvo mainly, but also Wolsley, MG, Austin Healey, Alfa Romeo.

And I love hifi, vintage guitars, tube amps and women.

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First day of summer

Well, it took me some time but finally things are coming to an end. The Cresent got more beautiful with every layer of laquer. I already liked it a lot when it was in the workshop, I even like it a lot better, now it is in the water.

I've done a lot of searching for some nice chromed do-fors, to screw down on the deck. The biggest search was for an outboard to…


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Let's take the paint off!

We've been using the Crescent for about a year now. We had enormous fun, the 1985 Suzuki engine ran like a sewing machine, we made some cushions for the bench in the back and with drinks and food we had the best time ever. There were some strange thing, like the steering, the 2 stupid navigation lights, the wrong way around and the curling of some parts of the deck. All to be changed, once it were to cold to go out for a spin.

From March 2014 on, we would repair the deck, do some work…


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Looking for information

I bought a small boat, which has Cresent Fiberglas båt on the identification plate. No 1660, Längd 4,04 m, Bredd 1,58m, Vikt 125kg. Fiberglas hull, wooden deck.

The only information came from the Crescent company itself. The plate with name has been used up until 1969. That's all they could tell me.

After investigation it turns out to be a home made project and it has been done really well. Although, the age has left it's signs.

Paint on a wooden deck means someone tried to…


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