Well, it took me some time but finally things are coming to an end. The Cresent got more beautiful with every layer of laquer. I already liked it a lot when it was in the workshop, I even like it a lot better, now it is in the water.

I've done a lot of searching for some nice chromed do-fors, to screw down on the deck. The biggest search was for an outboard to fit the age of the boat. One way or the other I wanted a nice Mercury, but that seemed very hard to find. Just because the 1985 15 hp Suzuki has a electric start, I only wanted a Mercury equipped with startermotor and a DCI. Still, the only one I could find, was one without electric start. A nice 1962 Mercury 350

The search now is for the starter motor and the DCI. So for the time being, the Suzuki will be the one in use for this season. The boat is almost finished. Still need to do some electronics and modify the dashboard. It needs some nice switches and a maybe a 12V and a tank gauge.

Yesterday the time was there. All the chromed stuff was on, the anti fouling was done and we all wanted it to go into the water. And so we did. Suzuki outboard was hung in place, connected all the 12 volt wiring and fuel tank. Off we went......

The Suzuki had been laying on it's back for 3 months, covered in saw dust, but when the boat was in the water, it started in one go. I love that enige. Runs on 1 cilinder when idling, but goes nice on full throttle. The deck was still covered in some saw dust, but going on full throttle, it was washed off pretty soon. No sunshine, but a nice temperature, no wind, a beer and a boat which had some much work on. A very loud "YEEEEEEEEHHHAAAAAWW" sounded when we were on open water. It was worth all the trouble, all the swearing and drops of sweat in the laquer. My first ever boat project. This little Cresent is there to stay!!!!!!!!

The home harbour, Enkhuizen!

Today the cushions go back in, Champagne is ready. Celebration time is here. I am proud!

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Kommentar av Rob deFries den 22 Juni 2014 kl. 8.49

Kommentar av Anders Værnéus den 23 Juni 2014 kl. 8.23

Congratulations. Nice job with a very special boat. How much do you know about the background of her?

Kommentar av Jan Sundstedt den 23 Juni 2014 kl. 16.53

Congrats! Great job! Looks nice!

Kommentar av Torben den 23 Juni 2014 kl. 20.02

Looks truly nice, Rob - well done!

Kommentar av Rob deFries den 23 Juni 2014 kl. 22.39

Thanks for the compliments. I didn't know a thing about the boat. The only clue was the build number plate in the back. People at Cresent (Leif Johansson) told me: we used this plate on boats which were produced in Varberg, Sweden, in the 60's. I knew the deck wasn't original, so I didn't have to stick to "original" dimensions. I liked the looks of a Sweet Sixteen, that was my goal, something that looked like it. From very far, haha. We made some cushions to meet the silly Allpa seats, but I'm still thinking of wooden bench in the front. This is what it looks like with cushions and arm rest.

We used this plate on boats which were produced in Varberg, Sweden in the 60-ties, I cannot give

more specific information.
Kommentar av Rob deFries den 23 Juni 2014 kl. 22.55


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