WET ROD till fri fart!? samarbete? SCB-Projekt?

Vehicle Description

wood racing skiff that was built in the late 50's early 60's, it was built from Chris Craft plans and is made of marine plywood with the deck being covered with white and black vinyl. Front mounted 283 chevy motor with water cooled stainless headers that exit out the side of the hull, motor turns over by hand and looks like it would run with a little work. Plexto drive transmission, steering, hand throttle are all there and hooked up. The boat has been in dry storage for decades and shows no sign of rot and should be a easy resto though it will need work. I was told by the previous ower that it was raced a couple of times by the original builder and that went into storage. Trailer included and I will be glad to answer any questions. All in all this boat is in very good conditon for it's age.


Crafty B

Utropspris 1500 dollar, 18 fot med trebladig mässingspropeller.

Kunde vara ett kul projekt att ta hem och prova importsvängen från USA och samtidigt gå ihop några stycken på SCB och sätta ihop en WET ROD till fri fart...

Bara en tanke...

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Kommentar av Per Lundbladh den 17 Januari 2010 kl. 12.06
Ligger ute på E-bay...finns fler bilder...överskrift som nedan...
Hot Rod vintage wood racing skiff cracker box SBC 1960


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