Sorry for writing in English - but I cannot speak Swedish and have managed nonetheless to log in the forum... 
I need some information about a Stig Tiedemann sloop. I am writing the entries for a book about the boats that take part to a race for classic boats in Trieste, Italy ('Barcolana Classic'). One of them is Halifax III, a Stig Tiedemann design of 1955, built by Gräddö Båtvård in 1958. Her owner dose not know anything about her, and I am in desperate need for information. Her dimensions are 10,60 x 2,70, with a draft of 1,65 and 7 tons of displacement.
Unfortunately, time is very, very short - the publisher wants the text to be ready by June the 15th. Is there anyone who can help me with this matter?
Thank you very much,
ack själv!

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Piero Tassinari

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